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Market Local to Global Audiences on Premium Publishers Sites.  Find Performance Marketing That Drives Inbound Traffic, Phone Calls, and Email.

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ELOC Digital Media, a division of ELOC Network.

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Powerful Internet TV training, changes online RESULTS, EXCELS your business.

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REACH your audience

ELOC Digital aggregates premium and non-Premium video or graphic ads for related distribution channels so that your marketing campaigns do not simply reach a single website, they reach a local to global audience, at scale.

TARGET your campaigns

ELOC targets your campaigns to ensure that your ads are delivered to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

MEASURE success of your campaigns

ELOC provides advertisers inportant insight by controlling the performance through engagment reports, impressions, percentage views and click throughs.

ANALYZE & track your campaign

ELOC ensures brand integrity by analysing and tracking the placement of your advertising campaign.


ADVERTISERS - Online video ads reach capivated audiences and make a higher impact on consumers than any other form of media, including TV.  Agencies and brands partner with ELOC Digital to engage customers through online video advertising and drive ROI.  The video and graphics below are live examples of 300 x 250 ads that are placed on our publisher websites, accessable across all mobile devices.  Watch and click on the video or graphic and you will be direct to the consumer website. 

We have placed a linkable smart tag or call to action on the first video below that appears during the video play.  Watch for yourself!

Direct Response Example PPV Smart Tag

Direct Response Example CPC Smart Tag

Direct Response Example PPV No Smart Tag

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